Mortgage Protection

Mortgage life insurance or mortgage protection insurance is a smaller niche that most consumers don’t know about prior to buying a home.  Because of this, lead volume for this product line is lower than the other life products. Some life sales professionals have never made a mortgage protection sale and many that do have done so as part of a homeowners policy or as a referral from a P&C agent. These components actually make for a very nice lead product. Because of the solid commission structure and relatively low demand compared to other life products mortgage protection has become a profit center for seasoned life professionals. The advantage of buying a mortgage insurance lead is that the prospect typically knows about the product and is further along in the buying process than your average term life lead. All of these components combined can equate to an excellent opportunity for the life agent looking to grow sales.

Agents looking to source mortgage life leads can use the search function at the top of this page to find companies offering these leads in their area. We are regularly adding new lead providers so if you don’t find a match now please check back soon or contact us.