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We simplify your advertising by fast-forwarding to the bottom line: delivering high-quality legal leads to your inbox. All of our leads are exclusive and sold to one buyer only. This will allow you to have the best opportunity to make contact and do business with your potential clients.

Legal Categories and Pricing


Auto Accidents – $150 to $225/Lead

Auto Accident Leads are in themselves their own category.  We assume all lawyers want only Auto Accident Leads where there was some sort of Injury. However, we do also collect Auto Accident Leads with NO Injury which can be found under leads called Traffic Violation Leads. Due to high demand, some states have higher pricing to maintain lead flow for our loyal clients: eg CA $225 


Bankruptcy – $50/Lead

Bankruptcy leads are sold in their own category covering the different chapters of Bankruptcy law. Typically prospects are not able to identify the correct chapter that applies to them until speaking with a law firm.
Business Law – $30/Lead
Subcategory Breakdown
  • Business Law: General
  • Business Law: Contracts, Agreements, Breaches
  • Business Law: Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents
  • Business Law: Incorporation and Corporate Law

These are requests for legal help involving all subjects within Business Law.  Subcategories can be chosen for more specific targeting within Business Law: General is the most popular.


Civil Lawsuits (No Injury) – $20/Lead

Civil Lawsuit Leads without injury are in themselves their own category and much more affordable since they are outside the Personal Injury category.


Consumer Law – $20/Lead
Subcategory Breakdown
  • Consumer Law: Credit Report Repair
  • Consumer Law: Defective Products
  • Consumer Law: Insurance Claims
  • Consumer Law: Lemon Law
These are requests for legal assistance involving a variety of consumer law categories including lemon law. This category does not include identity theft, which has its own category.
Copyrights, Trademarks, and Patents – $30/Lead
Copyright, Trademark, and Patent Law Leads have their own category. Buyers of leads in this category will need to be able to handle all of these areas since they are not categorized.

Criminal Defense – $60 to $85/Lead

Criminal Defense leads are sold as a general category encompassing a wide spectrum of common criminal law subcategories. We also offer two other optional categories under expungement and appeals, which can offer more volume. This category should not include victims of crime. If you receive a victim lead, it is eligible for a refund. Due to high demand, some states have higher prices to maintain a flow for other clients.
Debt and Collection – $20/Lead
Subcategory Breakdown
  • Collections & Debt: Foreclosure Defense
  • Collections & Debt: I owe an unfair debt or bill
  • Collections & Debt: I want to collect on a debt
  • Collections & Debt: Judgement Collection
  • Collections & Debt: Settlement or Consolidation
  • Collections & Debt: Loan Modification

DUI – $80/Lead
DUI/DWI Leads are in themselves their own category and are priced accordingly due to the extraordinary demand for cases across the country and advertising costs associated with generating them.
Employment Law – $20/Lead
Subcategory Breakdown
  • Employment Law: General
  • Employment Law: Discrimination at Work
  • Employment Law: Retaliation at Work
  • Employment Law: Unpaid Minimum & Overtime Wages
  • Employment Law: Unemployment Benefits (Discounted to $8/Lead)
  • Employment Law: Whistleblower
  • Employment Law: Wrongful Termination (Discounted to $8/Lead)
Please note that we are listing wrongful termination and employee benefit legal leads in their own categories since they are offered at more affordable prices.
Family Law – $40/Lead
Subcategory Breakdown
  • Family Law: Alimony
  • Family Law: Child Custody
  • Family Law: Child Support
  • Family Law: Divorce
  • Family Law: Domestic Violence
  • Family Law: Orders of Protection
  • Family Law: Powers of Attorney
  • Family Law: Visitation
Foreclosure Defense – $30/Lead
ID Theft – $30/Lead
ID or Identity Theft Leads have their own category but are also considered part of our consumer law leads.
Immigration – $20/Lead
Subcategory Breakdown
  • Immigration: Citizenship
  • Immigration: Deportation
  • Immigration: Document Preparation
  • Immigration: Visas
Advertising is much easier when you can help the immigration of an entire family. We also provide specific subcategories if you are interested in that as well.
Landlord, Tenant, and Eviction – $30/Lead
Subcategory Breakdown
  • Eviction: Lead is Landlord (landlord perspective)
  • Eviction: Lead is Tenant (tenant perspective)
  • Non-Eviction Landlord Tenant Issues
Eviction and Non-Eviction Landlord Tenant Leads are priced at $15 for tenant perspective eviction, $30 for landlord perspective eviction, and $30 for non-eviction landlord or tenant issues per lead, and like all of our sales leads, they are real-time and exclusive. These requests for legal help involve any sort of landlord-tenant issues with the ability to target eviction or non-eviction related situations.
Mesothelioma – $150/Lead
Mesothelioma and Asbestos Leads are in their own category. These leads are for those seeking legal help for a diagnosis or highly suspected diagnosis of mesothelioma (a tumor in the tissue that lines the lungs, heart, stomach, and other organs).
It is important to note that these leads are double or even triple verified so that we can make sure there is no fraud involved. Once we have made sure that the lead is genuine it will then be put into the system so that people may buy it. 
Mass Tort – Please contact us for more details.
Medical Malpractice – $40/Lead
Medical Malpractice Leads are in their own category.  This category covers an extremely large area of medical malpractice. The lead price is very affordable for the potential case prospects. 
Personal Injury – $75/Lead
Personal Injury leads are sold as a general category containing a broad range of common personal injury subcategories. This category does NOT include Auto Accident Injury because those leads are in their own category. 
Probate, Trusts, Estates, and Wills – $30/Lead
Wills, Trusts, Estates, and Probate Law leads are combined in their own category. Firms should be able to handle any aspect of these related legal categories.
Real Estate and Property Law – $30/Lead
Real Estate and Property Law leads are for now in their own category.  Firms should be able to handle any aspect of these related legal categories.
SSDI or Social Security Disability – $50/Lead
Social Security Disability and SSDI leads are sold as a general category for individuals seeking help with acquiring disability benefits.
Tax Relief – $60/Lead
Subcategory Breakdown
  • Tax Law: Audits
  • Tax Law: Back Income Taxes
  • Tax Law: Garnishment from IRS
  • Tax Law: IRS/State Tax Levy
  • Tax Law: Payroll Tax
  • Tax Law: Property Tax
  • Tax Law: Questions for Tax Form ONLY
  • Tax Law: Settle Back Taxes
  • Tax Law: Unfiled Returns
Volume for this lead category is lower than other categories due to the competitiveness in advertising to generate them.
Traffic Violations – $20/Lead
Subcategory Breakdown
  • Traffic Law: Driving Laws
  • Traffic Law: Moving Violations
  • Traffic Law: Parking Law
  • Traffic Law: Suspended License
These are requests for legal assistance involving moving violations, but not DUI or Auto Accidents which are separate and more expensive.
Workers Comp – $75/Lead
Workers Comp Leads are in their own category.  Some states will have these leads priced higher than the above price due to the cost of generating them.
Wrongful Termination – $8/Lead
Wrongful Termination Leads are in their own category. They are also available as part of the larger Employment Law category.
Requests for legal assistance involving Wrongful Termination are also available as a discounted category in Employment Law.  Like Unemployment Benefit leads, these leads are offered at a discounted price because their legal complaint can be founded or unfounded.