Final Expense Insurance

Final expense policies are one of the more popular niche products among all insurance professionals. For many agents, Final Expense Insurance is a side product. However, recent changes in the health insurance landscape have driven increased demand for final expense insurance leads. Because of the relative ease of sale and the high commission structure, there has been a surge of sales professionals that have made this product a primary sales focus.

Burial insurance has traditionally been a product that has relied on telemarketing and direct mail for lead generation. While these marketing channels are still healthy there has also been an increasing number of leads being generated online. This can be attributed to a more computer savvy generation of seniors as well as increased market knowledge of the benefits of this insurance coverage. While some insurance lead companies do offer final expense leads directly others do not. In the event that a lead vendor does not sell Final Expense directly, agents can typically gain access to them by filtering life insurance leads based on age and the amount of coverage requested.

Life pros looking to source final expense insurance leads can use the search form above. If there is not currently a match for your area please check back regularly as we are in the process of integrating new vendors.